The people behind the Air Club

Who decided we need an Air Club?

“It is now taking me 9 to 20 hours to get from the San Francisco Bay Area to Sun Valley. The number of canceled or delayed flights adds to that lost time,” fretted Noman H. Nie.  “Can’t do a business or pleasure trip to the Wood River Valley in fewer than two days or maybe three. No economy can thrive without a more reasonable air service.” 

And so Norman Nie set about to solve this problem. The Sun Valley Air Club was his invention and, although he has since passed on, we are carrying forward with his passionate and personal mission to transform air service to small resort communities, supporting local businesses and special events, while delivering happy travelers in the process.


Embark Aviation, an airline management and strategy firm, acquired the Sun Valley Air Club and Telluride Air Club in 2018. These two Air Clubs have since been unified under the shared brand of Elevation Air Club and continue the focus of providing specialized, private aviation services to Sun Valley, Idaho and Telluride, Colorado from a wide range of Western gateway cities.

In the coming years, the Club will continually enhance the benefits of membership and expand into additional resort destinations.

Club leadership


Tim Sieber

Managing Director

Tim will be managing the day-to-day operations of Embark Air Club. Tim has over 25 years of leadership experience with regional and start-up airlines, and as a consultant with extensive engagements in business and general aviation.


Stephanie Rice

Director, Member Relations

Stephanie will manage the Member Experience and Sales for Embark Air Club. Stephanie comes to us with more than 30 years in the marketing and hospitality industry with over a decade working in private jet charter aviation in Florida, the Northeast and Sun Valley.