Elevation Air Club Aircraft


Our Operators

The Elevation Air Club does not operate any aircraft. Instead, we utilize a small group of experience FAA-certificated operators that we have hand-picked for the attention to detail, reliability, safety record, and emphasis on customer service. All our operators are ARGUS Gold or Platinum rated.

The Aircraft

Most Elevation Air Club flights are operated by our primary partner Generation Jets using a Citation CJ2. This light jet offers a 5-foot cabin, lavatory, and complimentary self-serve refreshment center. It is ideal for the short-hops of most club Members, cruising at just under 500 mph and climbing to over 40,000 feet, which is above all but the most extreme weather. The aircraft can seat 7 passengers and has plenty of baggage capacity. Other aircraft are sometimes used, such as Hawker 400XP, Lear 45, or Embraer Phenom.

Our Pilots

All Elevation Air Club flights are flown with two-pilots, each who have undergone extensive training. Our flight crews are trained and certified to fly into Sun Valley (Friedman Memorial Airport) after dark, a feature that not many charter companies can offer and that gives our Members more choices for departure and arrival times.