Sun Valley and Telluride are just a short flight away



Elevation Air Club focuses on providing dedicated private flights to Sun Valley, Idaho and Telluride, Colorado. Our fixed, core routes include service between Sun Valley and Seattle, Portland, San Francisco/Bay Area, Southern California, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City. At Telluride, we connect with Denver. Use our aircraft on these fixed, core routes to Sun Valley at predictable rates - never subject to peak period pricing around holidays.

Sun Valley

With our aircraft based in Sun Valley, service is offered to/from the Greater Los Angeles Area, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix/Scottsdale, and Salt Lake City. 


Service offered to/from the Denver region.


Competitive pricing

Our Sun Valley-based aircraft and crew make Elevation Air Club the best, most cost-effective option for charter flights between Sun Valley and virtually anywhere in the US or Canada. Members enjoy:

  • Access to our Sun Valley-based aircraft on core routes at a predictable rate.
  • Opportunities to share flights and costs with other Club Members.
  • Access to our aircraft for Charters from Sun Valley to virtually anywhere in the U.S. or Canada at cost.
  • Competitively priced charters managed by our concierge to anywhere in the world.

Comparison to other jet programs

Upfront investment

Elevation Air ClubCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3
$15,000 initiation fee (includes first year dues) + $6,500 annual dues$187,000 up-front jet card option (25 hours)$3,000 one-time fee + $1,000 monthly dues + $100,000 deposit$50,000 up-front minimum jet card purchase

Sample flight cost: Seattle to Sun Valley

Elevation Air ClubCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3

Charter flights to other destinations

Members can also use the Club’s aircraft at cost for flights to/from Sun Valley or our experienced team can arrange flights by other operators at competitive rates. This ensures our Members enjoy the lowest, most cost-effective private jet travel to/from Sun Valley.

While Members receive the most cost-saving benefits, anyone can enjoy access to our aircraft or have our team arrange flights anywhere in the world at competitive rates. With decades of experience and industry-leading tools, we’re sure to find the best match for your travel needs.