Frequently asked questions

How do members know Air Club aircraft and pilots are safe?

Our operator maintains Gold and Platinum AR/GUS certification, the highest ratings in the industry by a highly respected independent third party.

What should members expect with regard to cancellations, delays and diversions with Elevation Air Club?

EAC hopes to keep these events in the order of 5%. Currently, we estimate that one in four commercial flights to/from Friedman is substantially delayed, cancelled, or diverted.

  • Complex connection schedules of commercial airlines produce cascading schedule delays. Furthermore, low or empty load flights are highly magnified at the final spur (Sun Valley) of a series of interdependent connecting flights. Such low load flights are often cancelled. We will know before we put a flight on the schedule whether we have sufficient passengers, and we will have no other connecting flights to intercept.
  • The majority of weather events that cause cancellations, long flight delays and diversions are usually of relatively short duration. Due to the on-demand nature and flexibility of Part 135, we will normally be able to wait out the weather. Moreover, with EAC, if there is a weather or mechanical delay, members will be waiting in a well-appointed FBO with full facilities for elite travelers.
  • If weather conditions unexpectedly deteriorate during flight, the aircraft may have to divert our flight to Twin Falls, Boise or to other alternate airports near our destinations. However, rest assured that EAC will be notified of such a diversion and will be working with the operator, ground transportation providers and others to help get you to your destination. Again, normally we will have the flexibility to wait it out at such an alternate airport, while you are relaxing in FBO lounges, and then resume the trip when conditions improve.
  • Long weather events or persistent heavy smoke from summer forest fires that close airports for multiple days are usually predicted well in advance. In these instances, we will be in constant communication with the operator and will keep you advised of when the flight can be rescheduled so that the carrier can fly you to your destination as soon as airports reopen. In very rare prolonged closures, we may be forced to use ground transport to Twin Falls or Boise and will then arrange for the operator to take members to their final destinations from there.
  • Ultimately, we wish to assure all potential members we will never leave you to fend for yourself.  EAC’s coordinators will be in contact with you throughout the entire process helping to ensure that you are well-served.
Who will be managing all the flight services, staff and membership details of EAC?

EAC has a Flight Concierge who will be your contact for assistance in booking flights and managing functions that will soon be available with our online Virtual Club House system. The Membership Director as well as the Flight Concierge will become familiar with each member’s travel patterns, preferences, pets, and special needs.

EAC will be managed by Embark Aviation.

Can Air Club memberships be sold or transferred?

A member can request transfer his, her, their or its membership to a qualifying person(s) or entity who is approved for membership in the Club in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Club.  A membership can be transferred to an heir as an asset via legal documents and processes. Annual fees will have to be paid in order to keep the membership in good standing.

While there will be restrictions on transfer, our goal is to allow your membership to transfer with the sale of your home or business in the Sun Valley area. Our guess is that this additional amenity will make a home vastly more marketable.

How does the Elevation Air Club relate to the Fly Sun Valley Alliance?

We believe that reliable air transportation services for the Wood River Valley are vital for the economic stability of the area. The Elevation Air Club is not in competition with the airlines, and we support all community efforts—including the Fly Sun Valley Alliance—to bring in more commercial air service.

We are fully aware that not everyone in the Valley can afford Air Club flights which are primarily aimed at second-home owners and weekly commuters who have been using charter air services. The Air Club’s flight services will also address some of the year-round demand for reliable, convenient, and efficient air travel by locally-based businesses and organizations to key locations.

Will private charter services to other destinations be available to members?

Yes, members will be able to request charters to other destinations, depending on availability of aircraft.  Fees will include empty leg costs unless other members would like to fly that leg or if we are able to sell the empty leg.