Exceptional personalized services


Access to our Sun Valley (Friedman Memorial Airport) based jet, flown by a highly experienced crew dedicated to the Club’s flights.


Our crews are trained and certified to perform night landings at Sun Valley, something most charter operators can’t offer. This gives our Members more flexibility in scheduling flights at times that best suit their busy schedules.


Personalized concierge service to arrange all details related to your flights including parking and ground transportation, catering, and other special requests.


Arrivals and departures from private jet terminals featuring comfortable and relaxing environments, complimentary parking, WiFi, beverages, and (depending on location) private conference rooms.


Plane side drop-off and pick-up, at most locations, allows you to drive right up to the aircraft. Staff will park your car and have it waiting for you on your return.


Generous guest policy that allows Members to bring friends and family members.


Freedom from TSA lines, intrusive screening, crowded airport terminals, missed connections, and fees for checked baggage.


Pets are part of the family and can travel in the cabin, as a perk of membership. When sharing a flight, we always ensure that Members are aware of pets being onboard.


Service isn’t limited to Sun Valley and Telluride. We can assist in arranging private charter flights virtually anywhere in the world.