Expect more. Arrive smiling.

Reliable Flights

Sun Valley is the hub: delays will be far fewer and shorter. The majority of weather events that cause cancellations, delays or diversions are usually of relatively short duration. We will normally be able to wait out the weather because we have no other destinations to reach. If delayed, you’ll be waiting in a well-appointed FBO with facilities for elite travelers—or you can wait at your home in Sun Valley until we call you.

In Cases of Flight Diversion

If weather conditions unexpectedly deteriorate during flight, we may have to divert to an alternate airport near one our destinations. If we can’t wait out the weather and get you to your destination on the plane, we will secure ground transport as a last resort. However, we have contracts with good, safe and clean vehicle operators to ensure the safety and comfort of our members.  We will never leave you stranded to fend for yourself.


First Class Service

Arrive at your departure terminal 45 minutes before your flight.  The staff will provide curbside baggage check—no dragging your bags through the airport. The security check will be quick and painless because no TSA search is required. No need to take off your shoes, jacket, belt or jewelry. Travel with all the liquids you want!

Once you are on the plane, you will find comfortable seats, whatever you requested for snacks or meals and a selection of premium beverages for your flight.  So come aboard, sit back, relax and enjoy your direct flight.

Baggage Policy

Baggage capacity will be limited if there is a full flight.  You will be able to bring a carry on-size suitcase and your personal items, which includes a purse, laptop or shoulder bag.  If you have larger baggage items or additional pieces, those might need to be sent ahead of time via FedEx. In cases when there is not a full flight, we may be able to load extra baggage in the main cabin area without obstructing the aisle or exit areas.

Premium FedEx Services

The Air Club has a corporate account that provides a significant discount on FedEx ground or air shipments for our Members. Our Flight Concierge will assist Members who wish to use this service for extra or oversized baggage that cannot be accommodated on the member’s flight.

FedEx retail centers can provide special boxes for items such as bicycles, skis and golf clubs for a fee. You may want to check with them ahead of time to make sure they will have the appropriate container available for you.

Pet Policy

The Big Dogs have let us know what they thought of our revised pet policy. Not much! However, in our defense, some of the changes were due to our decision to include smaller aircraft in our fleet in order to give us more flexibility in meeting membership travel needs and to be able to offer flight services sooner.

So, here is our latest attempt to keep our flights as pet friendly as possible.

  • Small pets that can fit into an airline-approved carrier will be able to travel in those carriers or in a seat.
  • Big Dogs that are used to the ambiance of the main cabin will be able to continue their travel lifestyle if nobody else on the flight objects.

We know we are in tricky territory here, but we are willing to give this a good faith effort. With continued membership feedback, we will continue to fine-tune this issue as we become better acquainted with our members and their “best friends.”